UNISON Leeds Teaching Hospitals Branch represents over 4,000 members working for the Leeds Teaching Hospital's that includes St James's, Leeds General Infirmary, Chapel Allerton, Wharfedale Hospitals, Seacroft Hospital and Leeds Dental Institute. We also represent employees working at Trust Satellite Units. We actively campaign for high quality services in the NHS and voluntary sector. We feel that a good working environment is essential to delivering high quality care.

What can UNISON do for you?
Most people join a union because they want protection at work – help with pay and conditions of service perhaps, legal or health and safety advice or representation in case things go wrong at work. Anyone can face problems at work sometimes. If you’re a member of UNISON, you don’t have to face them alone. That’s what we’re here for. We can provide advice or representation on things like pay, rotas, leave and sickness procedures. We’re also there to help make sure your workplace is healthy and safe and to support you in case of disciplinary action, dismissals or redundancy. Join UNISON today.

Calling all women in UNISON - Free training

Womens taster courses

You can apply by downloading this form (WORD document). Please return your completed form to UNISON LTH, UNISON Branch Office,1st Floor ,Beckett Wing,Leeds,LS9 7TF or email to unison.sjuh@nhs.net

Latest news from the branch

Combining fun and work at Doncaster Races (08/08/17)

Rita Halligah

Rita Halligah (pictured right) attended UNISON's big day out at Doncaster Races on Saturday 5th August. She was there to promote the Black Members Self Organised Group. Rita is also our Union Learning Rep. Hard work but fun too! Well done Rita.


Health & Safety News - UNISON LTHT (15/05/17)

Health & Safety News - UNISON LTHT

It’s all go regarding Health and Safety matters within branch. The staff side Health and safety group has stopped functioning. This is due to many factors including activists retiring.

Staff side is an amalgamation of all the unions within the trust, and it makes sense to work in partnership to resolve any issues in the workplace.

I am happy to report that UNISON have played a lead role in re starting this committee and the first meeting is due to take place on June 6th. Hopefully from this meeting new officers will be elected, and the committee will take an active lead in ensuring staff safety throughout the trust.

In local news UNISON had a report from theatre staff and radiology assistants working in the MRI unit at the LGI regarding specialised patient trolleys which weren’t height adjustable. This contravenes moving and handling guidelines and compromises staff safety.

Working in partnership with clinicians, and a very responsive management team we have just received communication that a new height adjustable trolley has been ordered. This is a small example of how we can help members achieve a healthier workplace by working in tandem with all interested parties.

Visit our health & safety section of the website here...


UNISON backs NHS leaders’ call to end pay cap (15/05/17)

In response to NHS Providers calling for an end to pay restraint for staff, UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said:

“Action is needed now to stop staff leaving the NHS. Hospitals will struggle to keep skilled workers unless they’re rewarded with a decent wage rise and soon.

“It’s patients who will suffer unless there are nurses and midwives with the right training to deliver the best standard of care.

“The ongoing 1% pay cap imposed by this government and its predecessor has to be lifted. Labour has pledged to get rid of it – the Conservatives must do so too and reward staff for their dedication.”


Rock 'n' Roll Panto: Aladdin - Saturday 6th January 2018


All time favourite Aladdin!

Saturday 6th January 2018
(Tickets can be reserved from August 2017)

  • MATINEE Performance 2:00pm
  • LIMITED TICKETS FOR Evening Performance at 7:00pm

To reserve your seats contact UNISON Leeds Teaching Hospitals - Tel 0113 2064369
Or Email unison.sjuh@nhs.net


St Georges Crypt food bank (05/05/17)


A few of us visited St Georges crypt along with Janet Dixon the Branch welfare Officer, to drop off tinned food and toiletries donated by our members.

We have adopted these as our charity this year and they are very pleased that we at UNISON have taken the time to collect and deliver.

If anyone is interested in donating anything please contact the branch Office for details of where our nearest drop off point is located.


Help Jon Pickett raise funds for the Brain Tumour Charity (10/04/17)

Jon Pickett



Everyone talks about personal challenges but in March 2016 I experienced someone undertaking the ultimate personal challenge, that person was my Auntie Ann.  She was that person every family has, the one who always seemed to be in control, held everyone together and always told you the truth whether you wanted it or not!   She always reminded us that as a family “we could do it”.

So what was Auntie Ann’s personal challenge?  Well it was one that I wish she hadn’t had to take, but one I’m tremendously proud to have witnessed. 

The challenge was when diagnosed with a Terminal Grade 4 malignant Glioblastoma Brain Tumour what decision did she make (operation or not) and how did she deal with the consequences of that decision?

Faced with that sort of choice I’d expect most people to be bitter, lost, overwhelmed and probably abdicate responsibility to the medical experts.

Well if that’s what most people would do Auntie Ann was obviously not “everyone”.  She was calm, considered the pros and cons before deciding no operation and quality time with her family.  To be honest what she really meant was she wanted time to tell us to make the most of opportunities, remind us  family and friends are important and just generally boss us about.  She also insisted that irrespective of the time the “experts” had given her she was in charge and would, despite their doubts, see her next birthday.

In true Auntie Ann style that’s exactly what she did.  Any attempts to celebrate her birthday early were met with an intimidating stare and the comment she would be around to celebrate the real date.  I don’t know why I doubted her, I’d known her long enough to know that she always did what she said.  So when she was told a minimum of 7 weeks to live but survived16 weeks I should have expected it.

She rallied enough to celebrate her birthday surrounded by family and friends, passing away 2 days after her birthday having delivered on her self imposed challenge.

For us as a family it was a difficult time and we all dealt with her loss in our own way, but we all regularly mentioned hearing Auntie Ann saying “ we can do it”. 

It was this that led us to thinking what as a family we could do to honour her memory.  Despite most of the family not being very energetic/sporting we decided on something active.  Quite where the idea for a 127 mile bike ride came from I have no idea. I also have no idea whether we all said yes or if it just happened because no one said no? However it has happened and we are  signed up to doing the 127 mile challenge, having done half of the route as a “trial run” I can definitely say it will be a challenge.

To help us ensure we do it some big incentives were going to be required.  That’s where the sponsorship idea came from.  What better way to be motivated than to know it’s raising money for research into the illness that took Auntie Ann from us.  If that wasn’t enough of an incentive finding out that Brain Tumour charities are some of the worst funded charities certainly was. 

So in May this year I, along with other members of my family, will be  cycling the Leeds Liverpool canal.  Well anyone who knows me will guess we’ll by cycling back to Leeds rather than away from our home city.

We hope our efforts might in some small part improve the future treatment available to others.  Maybe it might even mean someone else’s family won’t have to suffer  like ours did.

Any help, support and sponsorship will be very much appreciated.   All donations are in aid of The Brain Tumour charity and can be made on the link below.



NHS Bursaries: Help us campaign to reinstate them (24/02/17)

The government laid the statutory instrument (SI) on Thursday 9 February which effectively abolishes bursaries by enabling NHS students to access tuition fees and loans. We’ve been working with the Labour party to table an Early Day Motion – which was tabled Monday – to pray against the SI. This should hopefully force a debate on the issue in the Commons.

We’ve setup a template letter that people can send to their MP encouraging them to sign the EDM. Please can you push it out through your networks and encourage your members to write to their MP?



Urgent: Important information required! (03/02/17)


We are currently updating our membership systems and have noted some members have out of date details. This could apply to you, if you have:

  • Moved house since joining UNISON
  • Changed job role within the last 2 years
  • Moved workplace within the last five years

We urgently require these details to make the necessary changes to our membership system. Please contact the Branch Office at your earliest convenience on 0113 2064369 or email details to unison.sjuh@nhs.net

Doncaster Raceday is back! (02/02/17)

Doncaster Racesday 2017


New Branch Office address

UNISON Branch Office (as of 15th June 2015)
Level 1
Room 039/040
Beckett Wing
St James's Hospital
Leeds, LS9 7TF

Telephone: 0113 20 64369
Fax: 0113 2066786
Email: unison.sjuh@nhs.net


Update your details now

Urgent: All UNISON members

For future consultation requirements it's important that you update us if you any of your details have changed. If you have moved house, changed workplace, changed your name or any contact details please email the branch on unison.sjuh@leedsth.nhs.uk or call 0113 2064369.





Blog 8: Why are food banks needed in 5th largest economy? (04/08/17)

Hi Dudes

Blog Eight here, dazzling with rare flamboyance; - like Julie Goodyear dipped in French garlic, and rolled in Blackpool glitter.

“Bail out the banks” we yell” - not those banks silly - but food banks. Fill ‘em up, and help us help some of the 13 million people in the UK who live below that jagged poverty line.

When I first started working with UNISON in 2009 I’d never heard of a food bank. We had a welfare officer who helped out members in acute financial strife, but this was thankfully rare. However in the last year or two the amount of plea’s to our welfare officer (Sister Janet) have multiplied from a murmur to a gigantic howl. With this in mind we have been collecting food and toiletries (initially for ST Georges Crypt) but now for the Trussell Trust.

The Trussel Trust are an amazing organisation which last year gave out 1,182,954 three day food donations to people who have nothing. We have found more and more members have been driven into this level of poverty.

Our association with The Trussel trust means we can identify people in crisis, and then refer them directly to help. The UNISON member will then be offered a food bank voucher. This entitles them to receive a food bank parcel of three days’ nutritionally balanced, non-perishable food. Please be guaranteed of our confidentiality, and tact. We understand that approaching us with this request can be difficult. We assure you we will be discreet, and sympathetic in any requests you make.

So that is what Janet has achieved - how fantastic - caps are doffed and drinks raised to her work. On behalf of the branch I want to say a huge Thankyou …….
……. but how shameful that the country with the 5th biggest economy in the world can allow public servants (or anyone) to be in such a position.

Nelson Mandela said

“Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity; it is an act of justice. Like Slavery and Apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings. Sometimes it falls on a generation to be great. YOU can be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom.”

So you see as wonderful as the Trussel Trust work is - the greatest tribute to them is to make them obsolete. The poverty we are seeing is imposed on us by the Tory government’s austerity programme. Bills are rising, wages are dropping, the rich are richer, and the poor are poorer than in any time in the last sixty years. This isn’t right, or fair. We shouldn’t ever tolerate this.

The Labour Party are offering an alternative to this Tory made poverty. Cutting the pay cap of 1% will see you and your colleagues better off. It will stimulate the economy, and they will restore the safety nets of the welfare state.

What can you do ? If you have any old tins of mackerel at the back of your cupboard, some toiletries smuggled out of hotel rooms, or the odd pair of non used boxer shorts bought for you twelve Christmases ago by an half blind Aunt - please be in touch on #64369 and we will tell you how to drop off your mackerel (what a lovely sentence that was to write). Oh and the last thing if you really want to help, like really, really want to desperately help like really really - then quote dear Mr Mandela again 

“Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is an act of justice. It is the protection of a fundamental human right, the right to dignity and a decent life “

To paraphrase him - Vote with a social conscience. Join a trade union, and decorate pictures of Theresa May with immature moustaches, Mickey Mouse ears, and googly eyes.

…..speak soon xxx


Employment tribunal fees will be scrapped after UNISON won a landmark court victory against the government this morning. The Supreme Court – the UK’s highest court – has unanimously ruled that the government was acting unlawfully and unconstitutionally when it introduced the fees four years ago. From Wednesday, anyone who has been treated illegally or unfairly at work will no longer have to pay to take their employers to court – as a direct result of UNISON’s legal challenge. The government will also have to refund more than £27m to the thousands of people charged for taking claims to tribunals  since July 2013, when fees were introduced by then Lord Chancellor Chris Grayling.

Reacting to this decision, UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said: “The government is not above the law. But when ministers introduced fees they were disregarding laws many centuries old, and showing little concern for employees seeking justice following illegal treatment at work”. “These unfair fees have let law-breaking bosses off the hook these past four years, and left badly treated staff with no choice but to put up or shut up”.

“Trade Unions - They do nothing” ….. oh really ;-) 


Blog 7: Growing inequality between rich and poor (30/06/17)

Blog seven is here, dancing upon your computer screens, and peeping its irrelevant head up like a Meerkat dressed in a Sgt Pepper suit.

You lucky readers don’t know how lucky you are. This blog was nearly scrapped. It was to be thrown on scrap heap along with coal pits, shell suits, and the Tories failed manifesto.

Blog six (now being described as the “lost masterpiece” by some critics) was censored. I now sit alongside The Sex Pistols, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, and Chuck Berry (My Ding-a-Ling) in the pantheon of dashing rebels silenced by the establishment…..

Anyone who has been watching Glastonbury will have witnessed the changing mood of the country’s yoof. The chant “Ohhh Jeremy Corbyn” has been the festival ear worm. Corbyn positively pranced around the Pyramid stage (how I wish he’d marinated himself in glitter, and feather boa’s like Marc Bolan’s long lost dad).

He received a huge cheer when he criticised growing inequality between rich and poor, highlighted by the Grenfell Tower fire in Kensington, London.
He said: “Is it right that so many people in our country have no home to live in and only a street to sleep on?”
“Is it right so many people are frightened of where they live at the moment having seen the horrors of Grenfell Tower?”
"Is it right that so many people live in such poverty in a society which has such riches? No it obviously isn’t.”

As Trade Unionists you are part of this movement. It is not new (type into Google The Chartists) but it is certainly re-energised. If you feel you want to be more involved locally then please get in touch with the branch (#64369). We have a very active young members group if you are one of the lucky ones to be in your early twenties, but if you are any age and have been inspired recently by the election or enraged by the public service cuts then we are a friendly team, with a boiling kettle, sometimes biscuits, and we welcome all.

Locally our Time To Care campaign is still active - We are working with Theatre management to introduce a protocol which recognises that staff deal with traumatic clinical incidents differently, and looks at ways to introduce hot and cold de-briefs which improve patient safety (lessons learnt), but also will support staff and give them the time to deal with their own reaction to the events with peer support. It is a great initiative which should make staff feel less vulnerable.

I have been involved in my first “Freedom To Speak Up” case. This is the process of “whistleblowing” where a member of staff reports a concern regarding a wrongdoing, risk, or malpractice. My role was to act as an initial link between the member of staff and the Freedom to Speak out Guardian appointed by the trust. I was very impressed by the process, and I know the member of staff also feels confident that his/her concerns have been listened to and acted upon. Discussing the process the Guardian was hopeful that the culture of raising a concern would become common place and questioning authority (in a positive way) would be adopted. This is obviously a really positive step for patients, and staff and one that UNISON endorse. If you have any questions about whistleblowing please contact branch (#64369) or read the policy found on the trust intranet page under Human Resources and “Freedom to Speak Up”

…..speak soon xxx

(The views expressed here are not necessarily the views of the UNISON Leeds Teaching Hospitals Branch)


Blog 5: #OurNHS is not for sale (02/05/17)

Blog five here. Now I’m up to blog five I think we can class this as a national institution - maybe not up there with Morecambe and Wise at Christmas, or Nora Batty’s stockings, but certainly on a par with long queues at bus stops, pot holes, phallic graffiti, and other defining, but annoying characteristics of our collective conscience.

The Leeds NHS March on the 1st April was a whopper - homemade placards, branch banners, whistles, and defiant speeches made for a celebratory and passionate demonstration. Hopefully the message will have got to those vultures within the Tory party that #OurNHS is not for sale ( there’s precious little left to sell anyway - I was even put up to tender last week, but was left in the auctioneers warehouse unsold - oh how I wept, surely somebody would have bid the required two groats for me).

So, onto a personal tale. Upon the march I was accompanied by my brothers and sisters from our Branch, the odd regional official (and they are odd) and also my little lad Freddie. Aged two and half and attending his first rally. Freddie started down Park Row with the determination of a degenerate on his way to Wetherspoons, he then scooted around Boar Lane merrily whistling, chanting and earnestly discussing the merits of nationalising the rail industry when suddenly his little legs began to wobble, Daddy proudly picked him up and we continued passed the markets merrily enjoying the day when….. He fell asleep on me !! What does a protester do with a recumbent toddler? What’s the protocol? What would Michael Foot have done? I found a bench and Freddie continued to throw out the zzz’s with the odd belch, and grunt. The initial wave of grumpiness that I was missing the march soon passed, I realised this was an opportunity. It gave me the chance to do something I’ve never done before - I watched a march without being in its throng. I saw them all. The old and the young, the unions, the campaigners, and the individuals. I saw the drummers, the ghouls dressed to represent the dying NHS, and the occasional buffoon who mistakenly thought we were on our way to Elland Road.

It was brilliant. To see five thousand people giving up their spare time to celebrate the NHS gave me such hope. The Torys with all their bluster and pocket filling greediness will never get that kind of support for anything. “What’s in it for me?” would be their measly mantra. “Let some other dude do it” would be their pitiful philosophy. So sat on that rusty bench, mopping my brow from the rain and Freddie’s sleepy sneezes, I had an epiphany, a re awakening if you will. I was proud to belong to these people, I was glad to be a part of this movement, and I am determined that along with you all, we will stick together and never allow those Torys to dismantle any more of the “greatest institution ever set up in the civilised world”. A living, sometimes chaotic, and lifesaving monument to what socialism can achieve.

The culture of “pop in for a little chat about your attendance” remains. UNISON members please remember that it is your absolute right to be invited to formal attendance management meeting via letter, and with five days’ notice. If your manager try’s to be (ahem) efficient with their time then politely decline and ask for your official letter.  If you pay your membership fees then please use us. It is much easier to be in a process with you from the start than been parachuted in when your attendance warrants a hearing and we have to unpick your sticky story. Plus you may get to meet me …. And give me a well-deserved clout for these spammy blogs. We always want to work alongside, and in partnership with trust management, but if they do try and fast track you with “friendly” five minute chats then make like a young Amy Winehouse and say no, no, no ( you sang that didn’t you).

…..speak soon xxx

(The views expressed here are not necessarily the views of the UNISON Leeds Teaching Hospitals Branch)


Blog 4: Mixture of experienced (frazzled) and fresh faced activists (23/03/17)

Blog four here. We survived AGM season, and the London NHS demonstration !!! The fact that most of our demonstrators came away with a mere police caution, and only three of us were arrested for breaching decency laws is a record for your unruly branch (apparently it is now an offence to be found frolicking naked in parliament square with only a Jeremy Corbyn pamphlet between the outside world and your particulars). As a consequence I am writing this from Pentonville, whilst a non-descript felon threatens to hit me if I don’t get on with this blog, and continue to pursue this ridiculous fantasy about imaginary criminal scenarios.

Anyway where was I (don’t start about Pentonville again you scream) The AGM’s were a success, and your branch now enters a new year with a nice mix of the old experienced (frazzled) officers, and a batch of fresh faced keen stewards. What are the branch objectives for the new year I hear you cry?

  1. Time To Care Campaign - Ensuring staff have the time to do their job properly and look after themselves in the process
  2. Invisible Worker Campaign - Recognising and campaigning for the invaluable but invisible workers
  3. Jeremy Hunt Put in stocks - and slapped with a rotting Haddock

 One of my roles within the branch is as the International Officer. This involves promoting international union activities, and supporting union members throughout the world (some countries have even more deranged leaders than our own beloved Tories) One campaign that we want to highlight is regarding the hideous treatment of migrant workers building the World Cup football stadiums in Qatar. For full information visit http://www.playfairqatar.org.uk. Workers (slaves) are paid pittance wages that still often go unpaid - The bosses  confiscate passports of migrant workers thus keeping workers trapped in inhumane living and deadly working conditions. Qatar has been called a modern-day slave state. In fact, it is shocking but more workers will die preparing for the Qatar’s 2022 FIFA World Cup than players will take the field. I am personally planning on boycotting all recognised sponsors of the world cup, and also boycotting the entirety of all England’s tedious performances (the latter more out of self-preservation than ethics). FIFA must implement, in full, the recommendations of the FIFA and Human Rights report “For the Game. For the World”, including reserving the option of terminating the Qatar World Cup if the country does not take serious steps towards respecting all internationally recognized human rights….. (phew im exhausted now with all that earnest sentiment). Sign the petition , boycott the goods, contact your MP, and stand in solidarity with these poor workers who are in such a vulnerable position in such a rich Gulf state. Its 2017 !!! how can this be still happening ??

Closer to home we are still fighting for band ones to be paid a living wage, and still collecting food for local food banks. We are representing you with Attendance Management cases, Grievance cases, Flexible Working applications, and issues surrounding Dignity at Work.

The latest NHS demonstration is here in Leeds on the 1st APRIL. Please come along and march under the branch banner - don’t be shy, if you have never been to a demonstration like this I guarantee you will enjoy yourself and find the experience fun. Don’t be worried about the rally turning nasty, it is a family affair and if old Glynnis (with her plastic hip) starts getting too rowdy we will just slip her some medicinal sherry before she bashes another copper with her C&A handbag. It is your NHS so please campaign today, before it is lost forever. Please come and say hello and introduce yourselves so we march in UNISON (see what I did there).

(The views expressed here are not necessarily the views of the UNISON Leeds Teaching Hospitals Branch)


Blog 3: AGM time and not one but two demos (03/03/17)

Blog three here. I’ve been getting some really good feedback from this so I’m going to continue annoying you for a bit longer ( feedback including “hey mate , stop babbling on and get on with ya job”)

It’s all go in the branch as spring see’s three main events.

1/ It’s the branch AGM - 7th March.

07:15 In the Clarendon Canteen for all you early risers and night shift workers. Bacon buttys will be plentiful and the tone will be light and we will allow for occasional snoring at the back of class. The main advantage to this time is no managers will be in snooping, so we can plan our socialist revolution in peace (we all know they don’t arrive until 10am do they).

The afternoon AGM starts at 16:00 at the UNISON offices at SJUH. This will be a far more bawdy affair. Hoards of naked male and female Swedish mud wrestlers from the Nordic TUC turned up last year if that gives you a pointer to the festivities. Again you will be fed and watered (if you don’t mind washing off the aforementioned muddy splats)

What goes on at the AGM? What do you have to do? Well you will hear me twittering on about rules and regs for a bit - but we soon move on to more thrilling subjects like the election of officers and the raffle etc. We have guest speakers and you will leave feeling empowered, motivated, and full to the eyeballs on sandwiches and cakes. Come along and enjoy ITS YOUR BRANCH p.s please sack me , dispose of me callously, and let me go back to the non-grey haired life.  

…… On a more serious note (oh here we go) Many UNISON members are struggling financially due to the demands of the present economic situation. More and more low paid members have been driven closer to the financial brink in recent years and your UNISON branch has directed some lower banded members to food banks. In light of this we have decided to try support these organisations and collect food items and toiletries (and clothing). If any of you are considering coming to the AGM’s we are asking you to bring something if you can (not mandatory). Thankyou for all your generous contributions in advance.

2/ The two demonstration’s to save #OurNHS ( 4th March London, 1st April Leeds).

Our Charabanc leaves Leeds at 06:30 , the demonstration starts in London around 13:00 and we are expecting Jeremy Hunt’s resignation around tea time (after his brandy and cigar). This should be terrific fun - if you have never been on a demonstration it is fantastic to protest with like minded people (such as Arthur Guinness and Johnnie Walker) - and although in reality these demonstrations don’t directly achieve a great deal, the drip, drip, drip of pressure they apply does sway public and MP opinion.

The Leeds March is obviously more accessible for most of you. We will be holding our Branch banner high and stopping Leeds city Centre for the afternoon. If your fed up of working under constant pressure due to the cuts brought on by the Tory’s , you have  bellyached about it, but feel you want to do something more practical PLEASE PLEASE come along. Bring a colleague, bring your voice, and bring me a sausage roll if you like.

3/ My annual Horse racing trip to Cheltenham where I bash up the bookies - Not in any way relevant but since when has this blog being relevant to anything. PS Cue Card wins the Gold Cup - you heard it here first.

…..speak soon xxx

(The views expressed here are not necessarily the views of the UNISON Leeds Teaching Hospitals Branch)


Blog 2: A time to care (07/02/17)

Welcome to UNISON LTHT’s second chairman’s blog. We are becoming regular (I said that in Hattie Jacques voice).

For those of you who missed our first blog (how dare you) my name is John and I work in theatres by day, and work for UNISON by night (or something like that).

“2017 - A time to care” - This is a campaign we are working on within branch. We hear so many consistent tales from you of working flat out, missing breaks, finishing late, and generally being that fly with the blue derriere. You do it because you have that same shared commitment that all NHS workers have, and I tip my trilby to you all.

This year we are hoping to work with the trust to find ways to both maximise your time with patients, but also find time to look after yourselves. We don’t want any of you finishing later than scheduled, or missing your breaks. You’re not paid during your lunch for a start, and it is dangerous to work without nourishment (a kitkat is minimum). Policy, Health and Safety Law, and other thrilling dusty tomes say TAKE YOUR BREAKS !!! If you find it impossible to take your breaks then inform your line manager, give us a call, or fill in a datix form. Let 2017 be the year you embrace the gastro splendour of the glorious staff canteens.

Do you know the Tories have stopped bursaries and tuition fees for nursing and other health professional students? Do you think that’s fair? I (we) think it is a ridiculous decision, and one that will lead to a shortage of students in the future. Numbers are down for this year already.  Student nurses are effectively paying to work on our wards (and as much as I love my job I don’t fancy that).

If you are a constituent of the following conservative MP’s  and want to express your “delight” at this enlightened Tory policy can I suggest you give the following angels a candid piece of advice direct from the shop floor….

Elmet and Rothwell - Alec Shelbrooke - 01937 589 002

Morley and Outwood - Andrea Jenkyns - 0113 345 0380

Pudsey - Stuart Andrew - 0113 258 5615

Keep it clean and professional but leave them in no doubt that you will not tolerate this foolishness, and vow to make them suffer by giving them a future kick directly to the voting booth (ouch) if they continue this betrayal of the NHS.

ON the 4th march the branch will be demonstrating in London to help save #OurNHS. If you fancy joining us for these high jinks then give the branch a buzz.

After all that heavy lobbying I will leave you with some highly relevant literature from 1819 written by some lass called Shelley apparently…

'Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number -
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you -
Ye are many - they are few.'

…..speak soon xxx

(The views expressed here are not necessarily the views of the UNISON Leeds Teaching Hospitals Branch)


Blog 1: My name is John, and I am Branch Chair (03/01/17)

My name is John , and I am Branch Chair.

I thought it may be of interest to describe to UNISON members and non-members alike what my role entails. Hopefully one of you out there will read this and decide to become active within the union movement, and help us oversee the destruction of the capitalist state (I just put that last bit in for dramatic purposes …. Honest )

My proper job (substantive is a terrible word) is in theatres, I work as an O.D. P in paediatrics and have done since the dawning of civilisation (or more accurately about ten years)

Anyway enough waffle (waffle is a beautiful word) what do I do? What could you do? How can we help ?

My role is to support UNISON members within meetings - be these meetings to discuss conduct, attendance, dignity at work or a mixture of all the previous. I also help support members with grievances (complaints) which occur in the workplace. The branch supports the wider trade union movement in this, and other countries, and generally swoons at the great historical battles fought in the name of industrial relations throughout the years - think Tolpuddle Martyrs, think the creation of the Health Service, and think Ed Milliband and his bacon butty.

We also run campaigns - One campaign in 2017 is going to be called “2017 a time to care” where we are hoping to work with the trust to ensure all you wonderful NHS workers have the proper time to do your job properly e.g. time to care for your patients (nurses), time to clean that ward correctly (housekeepers), time to act in an unruly, autocratic, and irrational manner (all managers ….eeek)

I became active (I’m sure colleagues would describe me as sedentary) when I witnessed a much loved colleague falsely accused of bullying. Supporting her during that time ignited a want to help people and show solidarity with colleagues at tough times - I’m basically like Erin Brockovich just hairier.

What could you do ? If you want to support your colleagues and help make the workplace safer, fairer, and listen to HR twist you in knots with policy changes  etc then you could receive TUC training (paid time off) and become a workplace rep, or you could simply be a workplace contact and help us spread the word about UNISON activities within LTHT.

If you are needing advice ( please no agony aunt stuff, I’m useless when it comes to puberty) , or support within your department give us a buzz,  and we will try to help (looking at my diary I am next free in about November 2018 )

Time for some pantomime……

UNION buzz words to cheer

UNION buzz words to boo

#Double booked


(The views expressed here are not necessarily the views of the UNISON Leeds Teaching Hospitals Branch)


UNISON Welfare

There for you (UNISON Welfare) is UNISON's own registered charity offering a unique confidential service supplying advice and support just for UNISON members and their families.

Financial Advice: If you are a member and you are experiencing financial difficulties, whatever the circumstances, There for You can offer you support.

Wellbeing Breaks: Wellbeing breaks can provide welcome relief from stress and respite from difficult circumstances. We can help you towards the costs of a break, depending on your financial situation.

General advice: There for You provides a confidential service for members over the phone or in person if you are experiencing personal difficulties.

UNISON Debtline: The service is available to all our members to help you manage money and deal with debt. We offer free confidential advice to help you clear your debts.

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